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Strangers are just friends waiting to be made.
Will you be mine?
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Ni in real life.
Hoping a new lay out will inspire me to write more.
31 Oct - Halloween.
Skel... Is OOKY
Skel, Phin, Kaisya, Devi, Monster, & Murks 
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Ni in real life.
I would get so much more DONE if my computer didn't keep shutting off at random intervals. I have no motivations to redo something I already started. Why can't photoshop have, like, a random save interval for that purpose? Like Microsoft word. It would save so many artist so much heart ache and hassle. UGH. To the people I owe art to, I'm sorry. I had everything started today in sketch formation and now it's all gone. >:C
On a side note, I need to write a real entry. Not today 'cause~ I'm currently cranky over my two sketches LOST over my computer being a bitch. I don't have class Thursday so maybe then.
Ni in real life.

Heyhey! New Diner Monster entry HERE

Skel... says "Huh?"

Tumblr and Tegaki: other blogs for me to never update.

Ni in real life.

دنیارابگوییدچطورآنهاانتخاباتمان دزدیده اند
Tell the world how they have stolen our election

- original post by one_hoopy_frood
Ni in real life.
Anything less than mad, passionate, extraordinary love is a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life to deal with and love shouldn't be one of them.
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